Inkjet Printer With Conveyor

This coding machine is widely applied for metal, plastic, wood, stone, light steel, aluminum foil, cardboard boxes and building materials. Coding machine of permeable surfaces (such as plain cartons, templates, textiles, ) and impervious surfaces (such as bags, glossy cardboard ).

1. Applicable to a variety of types and have many options.
2. Affordable products and fast working speed.
3. Long service life,can spray all kinds of code.
4. Easy to control ,suitable for business and enterprise.
5. English and dates can be coding also spray qr code.

Features of Inkjet Printer :
1. Humanized operation interface and help system bring the operator more convenience.
2. Support print various data , including one-dimension &two dimension barcode, counter, date, text and image.
3. High performance with low price, can connect with EISS, help lower customer print cost.
4. Anti-shake design, which can prevent the miss and repeated printing which is caused by instability of production line.
5. High integration system, small in size, less component and is easy to install and maintain.
6. 7 inch touch screen,click on operation,convenient to handle.
7. Metal Case,Industrial design,makes it more durable.


Maximum Print Resolution 600*600 dpi
Print Speed 120 meter/minute at 300*300 dpi (Faster at lower dpi)
Single Printhead Height 25.4mm (1 inch)
Number of Printheads 1
Memory DRAM:2G, FLASH:16G
Controller Dimensions L258mm*W172mm*H35mm
Printhead Dimensions L145mm*W66mm*H40mm
Barcode Multiple linear and 2D bar codes available including DataMatrix.
EAN8, EAN13, CODE 128, GS1,QR,etc.
Date Interfaces Ethernet, RS232, USB interface, alarm, photocell, synchronizer.
Operation System Android
Language Global language by Android system
Keyboard Global keyboard swift by Android system
Temperature Range (-20°C to 70°C )
Electronical Requirements 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Packing Size 54mm*38mm*15mm
Ink Solutions 42ml of water based and solvent based ink cartridge available, multiple color of ink cartridge available.


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