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We Are The Leading Packaging Factory In The World.

“R. D. Singal & Co.” is established in 1968, Our company is specialized producing SINGAL brand packaging machines, and is known as one of the leading manufacturers in foodstuff packaging machine field. Our modern standard workshops cover more than 1000 square meters of area, and have more than200 sets of manufacturing equipment. We are such comprehensive manufacturer who composed of research, development and production.We are the industry of R & D, design, manufacture, sale and installation services above Packing Machinery,Beverage machinery,and the other mechanical and electrical equipment. Our company has invested all the force into the new technological area of packaging machine all the time since its foundation. And now we have formed in ourselves ‘special competitive market that based on the advanced technologies. The quality of our products has been passed by ISO9001:2000 standard quality management system.

Years of Experience

India`s No. 1 Multipurpose latest Packaging Machinery

Our packaging machines are proudly delivered across India, ensuring businesses across the nation have access to top-quality solutions.

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Why Choose us

We Provide the Best Packaging Machine Service in India

Packaging Machine Sales

Offering an extensive selection of packaging machines available for purchase, encompassing a variety of types and sizes tailored to diverse requirements."

Custom Packaging Solutions

"Crafting and producing personalized packaging machinery designed to precisely match the unique needs of our clients.

Installation and Setup

"Ensuring the precise installation of packaging machines and optimizing their performance through meticulous configuration."

Maintenance and Repairs

Providing routine maintenance services and efficient repair solutions to ensure continuous machine operation and minimize downtime.

Technical Support

Delivering continuous technical support to promptly address concerns, provide answers to queries, and expertly troubleshoot any issues that may arise."

Training and Operator Education

"Empowering our clients and their workforce through comprehensive training programs, ensuring proficient operation and maintenance of the packaging machines."

Warranty Services

Our dedication to quality is reflected in our warranties, ensuring your investment in our machines is well-protected

Consulting Services

"Providing expert guidance to clients, tailored to their unique products and requirements, to identify the optimal packaging solutions."

24/7 Premium Support

Discover our 24/7 premium support for packaging machines in Delhi.

Trusted by 25,000+ world-class brands and organizations of all sizes.

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