Automatic L Sealer with Shrink Tunnel

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine marketed by us, refers to that machine which has a stainless steel finned and tubular heater for low power consumption and maximum heat transfer. The shrink wrapping procedure protects the objects better and more protectively, keeping out dampness and light induction during transit. Our developed machine is ideal for CDs, pharmaceuticals, and food items. This offered machine when properly employed, refers to a machine used in heat shrink packaging that incorporates a sealer and a heat source to apply heat to the shrink wrap. Our machine requires very low maintenance and replacement costs.
Features of Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine:
  • It is fully automatic in nature
  • Saves labor costs
  • Reduces errors and losses
  • Low power consumption
  • High quality raw materials used
  • Wraps the items properly
  • Compact structure
  • Perfect finishing
  • Easy to operate

•FQL450S is fully automatic L bar sealer which is widely used in mass production packaging line with high efficiency.
•With movable type punching device, you can switch the punching position and control the pinholes number.
•Sealing knife uses the special steel knife with Daikin Teflon which is anti-stick coating & anti-high temperature. So the sealing will not have cracking, coking and smoking with zero pollution.
•Using digital temperature controller which built-in PID function. Sealing blade temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate which can be set arbitrarily.
•Imported photoelectric sensor, positioning accuracy, fast response.
•Adopt Panasonic PLC programmable controller and WEINVIEW 7-inch man machine interface, simple operation.
• Manual adjustment film-guide system and feeding conveyor platform make the machine suitable for different width and height items.
•Equipped with automatic scrap recycling mechanism, built-in film broken alarm function.
•The sealing blade itself is also quipped with automatic protection function which effectively prevent from accidental cutting.
•Automatic mode and manual mode can be switched at any time which convenient to replace the shrink film.
•The entire machine realizes unmanned operation with the production line connecting.
•Apply to daily necessities, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, hardware and other industries shrinking packaging.

•BS4522N shrink tunnel adopts the design of internal double recycling air fan, so that the hot air in the tunnel is even, constant temperature.
•The machine uses stainless steel finned heating tube which has a long service life and high heating efficiency.
•Chain bar conveying , using hollow steel covered with durable imported silicone tube, each bar can rotate freely.
•Suitable for POF, PVC, PP, PET heat shrinkable film


L bar sealer
Power supply
220V 1/3ph 50/60Hz
Packing Size
(L+H)<550mm (W+H)<400mm (H)<130mm
Sealing Size
Table height
Packaging speed
15~30pcs/min(Determined by product size)
Air source
Shrink film
POF fold film
Shrink film size
Sealing form
L type  full closed
Overall dimension
Package size
G./N. weight
Heat shrink tunnel
Power supply
380V 3ph 50/60 Hz
Table height
Conveyor load
Conveyor speed
Tunnel size(L×W×H)
Overall dimension(L×W×H)
Package size(L×W×H)
G./N. weight


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