Handheld Inkjet Printer

Unlock a new level of printing excellence with our 12.7mm thermal inkjet printer. Designed to exceed your expectations, this printer combines advanced technology, compact design, and user-friendly features to deliver outstanding performance for all your printing needs.

Speed is of the essence, and our thermal inkjet printer delivers. Experience rapid printing without sacrificing quality. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to increased productivity. With its impressive printing speed, you can breeze through high-volume tasks with ease, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Versatility is key, and this printer has you covered. From standard plain paper to envelopes, labels, and even photo paper, it accommodates a wide range of media types. Adaptability is at your fingertips, making it the ideal choice for diverse printing requirements.

Setting up and operating the printer is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive controls and software. Adjust print settings, select paper types, and monitor ink levels effortlessly. Take advantage of its wireless connectivity options, allowing you to print wirelessly from your mobile devices, laptops, or tablets. Convenience has never been this accessible.

cost-efficiency matters, and our thermal inkjet printer delivers. Not only does it provide exceptional print quality, but it also utilizes separate ink cartridges, reducing ink wastage and saving you money. Experience affordability without compromising on performance.


Advantages of Handheld Inkjet Printer:

1. High precision and fast speed.
2. Widely used. It can mark most materials.
3. The use of environmentally friendly fast drying environmentally friendly solvent ink, low consumption and no pollution.
4. The marking line is clear and can withstand heavy wear.
5. You can also customize other languages. Easy to operate, text, pictures, variable dates, variable data, two-dimensional
code, QR code, DM code, LOGO, other patterns can be printed. At the same time, you can import the external data directly
into the software through the U disk.

Application of Handheld Inkjet Printer:

1. Handheld inkjet printer is the most mature technology because of its extensive application, mature technology
and long service life.
2. Through TIJ inkjet technology, we can print the graphics in the shortest time and finish the fine marking process.
3. Handheld supports or customized production line accessories can be configured according to user requirements.
4. It can automatically mark data, serial number bar code.
5.It can be used for data communication and networking, and support online variable data printing.

Printing Direction Adjusted within 360 degree,can meet all kinds of production  needs
Character Type High-definition printing character ,such as dot matrix font,simplied ,Chinese ,English and Multi Language
Function Handheld print and online printing (need sensor extra)
Print Pictures Pictures(BMP single bitmap format can be uploaded through USD disk
Print Height 2mm-12.7mm
Print Code Bar code,QR code
Print Distance 1-10mm Mechanical Adjustment(the best distance between the nozzle and printed object is 2-5mm)
Print Serial Number 0-9
Automatic Print Date,Time,Batch number ,serial number and etc
Storage External USB save the information transfer in a free way
Message Length 2000characters for each message,no limitation on length
Print Speed 70m/min
Ink Type Quick-dry environment ink,water-based ink and oily ink
Ink Color Black,white,red blue,yellow,green invisble
Ink Volume 45ml(Usually can print 800,000 characters)


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