Continous Induction Foil Sealer

LGYF-2000AX is a continuous induction sealer that will seal an aluminum laminated liner to the top of plastic containers to create a tamper proof product. Our induction sealer is suitable for containers such as plastic bottles, ABS, PE (HDPE, LDPE), PET, PP, PS, or PVC. When the aluminum foil is heated by the induction coil, the heat is then transferred to the heat seal film, which quickly reaches the melting point and becomes an adhesive to bond the cap foil and bottle.

  • The sealing range of the machine is adjustable, and with either large or small sealing surface, and get the ideal sealing quality and efficiency.
  • In case of the equipment failure of the machine in the course of work, the conveyor automatically stops working, to realize the function of isolating the products sealed and those unsealed.
  • The conveyor belt adopts electronic stepless speed adjustment, and during the sealing process can based on voltage and current changes make speed adjustment in a timely manner, in order to achieve the best sealing quality.
  • In this machine, the height of sensor head adopts electric adjustment, capable of sealing the objects within the range of 40-300mmin height.
  • It has supply and voltage meter and sealing meter, so that is can make timely adjustments when voltage and current fails to meet normal job requirements, to ensure the sealing quality.
    Power (V/Hz) AC 220/50
    Sealing Power (W) 2000W
    Sealing Diameter(mm) Φ20-φ130(The best diameter is Φ30-φ120)
    Bottle Height (mm) 40-300
    Sealing Speed (m/ Min) 2-12
    Load of conveyor(kg) ≤20
    Housing material MS/SS (Optional)
    Housing protection grade IP2I
    External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1150×600×400
    Weight (kg) 40


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